HFC Optical Fiber

Product Name: HFC Optical Fiber


GM3282N is our    latest high-grade two-outputCATV  network  optical receiver.  The   pre-amplifieradopts full-GaAs MMIC,   post-amplifier   adoptsGaAs   module. Optimized circuit design coupledwith our 10 years professional design experience,make the equipment achieve good performanceindexes. Microprocessor control, digital display theparameters, the engineering debug is especiallyeasy. It is the main equipment to build the CATVnetwork

Performance feature

(1) High response PIN photoelectric conversion tube.

(2) Optimized circuit design, SMT process production, optimized signal path, make the photoelectric signaltransmission smoother.

(3) Specialized RF attenuation chip, with good RF attenuation and equilibrium linear, high accuracy.

(4) GaAs amplifier device, power double output, with high gain and low distortion

(5) Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM) control equipment working, LCD display the parameters, convenience andintuitive operation, and stable performance.

(6) Excellent AGC performance, when the input optical power range is -9~+2dBm, the output level keepunchanged, CTB and CSO basically unchanged.

(7) Reserved data communication interface, can connect with class II network management responder, accessto network management system.

(8) Return emission can select burst mode to sharply decrease the noise convergence and reduce the forepartreceiver numb