HFC Optical Fiber

Product Name: HFC Optical Fiber


GM3214N 1G field station is our latest smart Opticalworkstation, highest frequency upgrade to 1GHz, built-inmicro-computer intelligent control circuits. Balanced outputand output level achieve a full electric adjustment System,and provide an intuitive LCD operating Panel and GB II classanswers Interface.

Performance feature

(1) CPU controls the whole machine, LCD display the parameters, such as input and output levels. Variablecontrol is easy and performance is stable.

(2) Advanced AGC function. Output level is unchanged and CTB, CSO is essentially the same when optical powerinput is changed (-8-+2dBm).

(3) Two-channel optical signal receive, backing up each other, set auto-switching condition arbitrarily, also canset manual switch.

(4) Line optimal design and SMT production process are useful for optimized signal channel, fluid optical signaltransmission and higher RF linear index

(5) Professional RF electronic control ATT chip, RF ESC balanced line, good linear and high accuracy.

(6) GaAs amplifier device, double power output, high gain, low distortion.

(7) Uplink adopt professional RF EQ ATT chip instead of three state switches.

(8) Connect to the network management responder; access the network management system by reserving datacommunication interface. So that variables can remote control by network management.