HFC Optical Fiber

Product Name: HFC Optical Fiber


GM3138-A2 field trunk bi-directional amplifier is mainly used for bi-directional trunk transmission of CATV television image signal,digital TV signal, telephone voice signals and data (or compresseddata) signal. Advanced and mature circuits, scientific and reasonableprocess structures and high quality materials, ensure the excellentperformance. It is the best choice for building large or middle-sizedCATV bi-directional transmission network.

Product feature

(1) 1000MHz bandwidth design.(2) The pre-amp of forward path adopts GaAs MMIC amplify module, output stage adopts the latest imported,high index, power double module, achieve the high output level, low distortion and high signal to noiseratio.(3) It is more convenient to debug because of the plug-in duplex filter, equalizer, attenuator, output splitter andthe scientific and reasonable on-line detection ports.(4) The equipment can long time continuous work steadily under outdoor bad environmental condition.Because of the aluminum waterproof housing, high reliability switching power supply and strict lightningprotection system.